Monday, August 23, 2010

Achtung! Achtung! This is a transmission by the IAEI!

The Department for the Diversity of Desire was found in 2009 to bundle creative thoughts and actions. For those who are easily distracted by an ever increasing audi-visual landscape where hi is next to low and avant stuck behind garde and everything sampled and mixed and mashed together into something yet to be named. For those who cannot focus on one academic discipline or on one cultural phenomenon, who get excited by the pure thought of formulating a new theory, of connecting images and words and thoughts that haven't been related before. For those who never get to the point of formulating a consistent line of argumentation because there are thousands and thousands of plateaus and things to research and photograph and think on the way there. For those who are full of contradictions and inconsistencies but can live with them quite happily, who know everything a little bit but nothing completely but know whom to ask about it. Here is the Department for the Diversity of Desire. and it is for you.

p.s.: of course the department is for correct labeling (and it's ach so passend): A. Rodchenko, Lengiz Books On Every Subject, 1925.

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