Friday, January 23, 2009

Language II

What I learned today (as well as last week and probably I should say I heard it again only in a more elaborate way) is that language is corrupt. It gives a damn about the truth but is all about simulation and defeat, a system of floating signifiers, creating only various discourses which have to be constantly analyzed, questioned, put into context in their ability to create as well as conceal and transform meaning (and thus power relations). So far so good and in my philosophically unburdened naivité I was surprised how entertaining Nietzsche is/was. The "simple" solution to the problem is far from keeping your mouth shut, it is: more communication! riding the waves of signification and representation (to stay within California-inspired metaphors) we can only come a bit closer and away from the point where we just want to smash each others heads. But we will never be able to describe exactly the same..
So I decided to blog again ... (though I doubt this as tool for communication but it can shape a discourse, can't it? hmm.. not sure). But as I am confused by irony I'll stick to sarcasm!

Language I