Monday, September 8, 2008


This city is definitely not designed for public transport, respectively the system is not designed for its customers. after driving 15 minutes to Burbank airport to return my rented pt. cruiser, it takes me two hours and 30 minutes to get back. there are no timetables or route maps at the bus stations, no shades for the people waiting and there's no information about bus lines at the airport. but the people are friendly and helpful. so riding the bus back home becomes a challenge as well as an adventure and a field trip in social studies: who is riding the bus, where does it stop, etc... in fact I am the only white person on the 94 for a long time but the driver finally stops exclusively for me so I can get on the right bus to downtown LA. And thanks to riding the bus through the Burbank and Glendale area in the afternoon I can find my way back home later in the evening after getting lost on the freeway to Pasadena. Driving my new old Saab I am able to recognize some public landmarks like rally's burgers, Ikea, macy's and the Americana mall and roads like San Fernando, Verdugo, Los Feliz, Broadway and Brand.

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Du, Vienna! said...

You took the bus! In LA! You're my hero. I did it for longer than anyone expected. Santa Monica 4/304, yeah baby! I got a lot of reading done, and brushed up on my Spanish comprehension skills of course ;)