Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Car Parts

Besides my ongoing antipathy against private property obsession and limitations to your personal freedom to intoxicate yourself with nicotine (I was refused in buying cigarettes at the supermarket because I didn't have a valid ID with my size and weight on it!!) I know what I like about the city - that it has this kind if southern/mediterranean style in dealing with things. For me it is a relief to see that at the auto repair they're doing their business in a very improvised and laid back style (but not lacking the necessary ernsthaftigkeit, of course). It's more like "ok, we can replace your ABS-brake system with a new one, that costs you a fortune but I can also build in a used one, that I will get tomorrow from a friend of a friend. And if you'll have the oil change and the coolant fix, I 'll fix the lights for free!" (as you see I am now nearly an expert on car parts...). The we-can-negotiate-on-this and oh-you're-friends-with (Natascha in that case) and not-from-the-US style is a welcome contrast to the proper/clean/grid-like structure that crosses and covers the rest of the city. And I don't dare to call this subversive (but I would love to though). This feeling is there every time I ride the bus and when being in Echo Park more than in Silverlake and also the other day when I went to downtown and there was a street market in front of the public library full of stalls selling empanadas, kebabs and aguas frescas.

Ah ja, and somebody asked me recently to post more naked shoulders on this blog, but I can only do a leg for now (perfect match- female body parts and car stuff ;-) - it's a fragment but at the moment I have the feeling that I have to assemble myself allover again....

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Little My said...

let's hear it for hyperion car repair!