Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 years ago I wrote

What I Have To Do Before I Leave
tell people that I love them
ask important questions
tell people to come and visit
spend money
spend more money
learn to love cooking
learn to pack light
learn to embrace the moment
think about the future
learn not to think about the future
learn how to stick to deadlines
learn the concept of deadlines
learn about logistics
get good loudspeakers
stick to my ideas
stick to my plans
(even though they seem pretty nebulous now)
forget people whom I hate
remember not to forget all the others
learn how to plant a tree
improve my french
not to forget my pocket oxford dictionary
not to forget to take spanish lessons
not to stop writing
not to forget to take bollywood dancing classes
start building an archive for my ideas
remember not to neglect their order
not to forget to form a band and make a film.

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