Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On the list at Silverlake Lounge

Went there, saw a concert. Three girls, playing drums, bass and guitar (the singer). The sound was really bad, sometimes they were a bit uncoordinated but they had fun. And first I thought: uh classic situation, three girls on stage and a lot of middle-aged men in the audience, but then they REALLY had fun and were playing the thin line between mocking rock-poses and in fact rocking out. The drummer is 20 and she was in such a relaxed mood that all the boy bands that I know könnten sich ein stückerl abschneiden. My friend Drew had her picture taken by a photographer (in fact a photographing couple) who said that she looked exactly like their friend Linda back in those days (which were the 1970ies I suppose). Then they reflected on the fact that there seemed to be a younger generation dressing (and looking) exactly like they did.
Right, I call it "retro", but what does it mean? A feeling of comfort, of security (moment? ölkrise, vietnam-krieg?), a time of political grass-roots movements (and they made sense), no gender-bending? oder doch? no androgynity, but effeminated men? (und ich meine das jetzt nicht im sinne von weichei, wie mir das dict.leo.org weismachen will!). And that we are completely out of ideas for the 2000s (I learned yesterday that they are called the odds ;-)
Anyway, morgen kommen dann die thirty-somethings dran! Oh yeah, and I was on the list! Und ja, ich finds cool, ich geb's zu.

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